Our 5-Core Principles allows our business model to stay on a clear path and attract dedicated professionals who are engaged and passionate.

  • Complete Transparency – Online or in-person, all information will be easily accessible on your device.


  • Ease of communication – We will communicate with you the way you prefer – Video, Phone, Text, Email. 


  • Data-Driven Pricing – Our proprietary analytical data-driven pricing tool analyzes the market demand, miles, condition of the vehicle down to the model, and trim level of each of our cars. It is allowing us to price with confidence and focus on our guests. 


  • Build Trust – All of our vehicles have an inspection report, proof of clean emission test, Carfax history, and clean title.


  • Easy Purchase Process – Before purchase, you will be able to review e-paperwork with a clear breakdown of price and fees.

Our experiential business model accommodates everyone to find a car they’ll love, with ease, transparency, and excitement. 

  1. We are “CLEAR” in our Values, Purpose, and Principals.
  2. We are Focused, Aligned, and Passionate in building a professional team that is “PRO” in delivering the experiential retail experience.
  3. We always follow the “PATH” of Integrity. 
Babak Rosenthal Mohammadi - Founder

“Guest Experience starts first with Team Members Experience” Babak Rosenthal Mohammadi, Founder of Clearpathpro Auto Experience.

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